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10 Things I Hate About Hot Weather

Here comes summer? Not for me, thank you. You sun freaks can keep your sticky, uncomfortable heatwaves. Here are 10 Things I Hate About Hot Weather:

  1. You can’t sleep at night, it is so humid and uncomfortable.
  2. Everywhere is packed.
  3.  Radio DJs and the like raving on and on about “enjoying the glorious sunshine”. BELT UP, you IRRITATING sun freaks!
  4. You don’t enjoy your food the same.
  5. You are incessantly thirsty and unable to slake it, no matter how many iced drinks you consume.
  6. Noisy bloody music blasting out of car stereos (the sun definitely goes to their heads!).
  7. Weather forecasters who automatically assume that we all like hot weather. Trust me, we DON’T.
  8. Insects everywhere.
  9. Bloody sunburn.
  10. You are too tired to do anything other than sit right on top of the cooling fan.

Roll on autumn and cooler weather, that’s what I say.