The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus

The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus: An Interactive Guide For Developing Ideas For Novel and Short Stories

I have just come across this book by award-winning author Fred White, The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus, on Amazon. To judge by its description, the … Read More

Top 5 Stephen King Books

I’ve been a big fan of Stephen King ever since the mid-seventies, when he published his first novel, Carrie, about a young girl with incredible telekinetic powers. King has, of course, since gone on to write many more chilling

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Job Hunting Hell – My New Book

job hunting hell

I have just published a new Kindle book called Job Hunting Hell, in which I highlight all my bitter experiences in trying to find work.

From ignorant bosses who don’t reply to CVs to arrogant recruitment consultants, all the … Read More

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Dario Argento’s Dracula

Being a big fan of the Hammer Dracula films starring Christopher Lee (who, in my opinion, was the best Dracula ever), I always tend to view modern reboots of Stoker’s famous vampire lord with a certain degree of cynicism. For … Read More

Curse of Chucky

I have just watched the new Child’s Play movie, Curse of Chucky, and thought it was brilliant. It was great to see a return to the good, serious horror of the first few movies, rather than a rehash of … Read More