Michael Bond Dies

I was very sorry to hear of the death of Paddington Bear author Michael Bond.

I grew up reading Michael Bond’s Paddington books, and together with all my other favourite works like the Narnia books, the Enid Blyton stories and … Read More

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10 Things I Hate About Hot Weather

Here comes summer? Not for me, thank you. You sun freaks can keep your sticky, uncomfortable heatwaves. Here are 10 Things I Hate About Hot Weather:

  1. You can’t sleep at night, it is so humid
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Norman Bates Returns In Psycho: Sanitarium

Robert Bloch’s crazed split-personality killer Norman Bates returns in a new novel called Psycho: Sanitarium.

Written by Chet Williamson, Psycho: Sanitarium is a kind of prequel to Psycho II and sequel to Psycho.

The novel begins in 1960. Norman Bates … Read More

Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper album. This masterpiece, as we all know, heralded The Summer of Love of 1967.

A cultural icon, Sgt Pepper was the eighth studio album to be released … Read More

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