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5 Classic 80s Horror Movies You Must Own

If you are as big an 80s horror movie fan as I am (and I don’t just mean the slashers that were so rife in that decade), then here is a list of 5 classic 80s horror films you should definitely have in your DVD collection.

  1. The Stuff (1985) – Written and directed by Larry Cohen, The Stuff is a kind of horror-comedy about a group of miners who discover a sticky but tasty substance bubbling from underground. Eventually, the product is marketed in grocery stores as “The Stuff”. But far from being a safe, edible treat, the substance is actually a living alien organism that infects anybody who consumes it. Needless to say, as more and more of “The Stuff” is wolfed down by various people, all hell soon breaks loose. Be careful what you eat, guys!
  2. Possession (1981) – The star of the Omen movie The Final Conflict, Sam Neil, plays Mark, a businessman who returns home to find that his wife, Anna, is having an affair. But her paramour is not an ordinary human being, but a hideous tentacled demon, which has turned her into a murderous sex slave. It all provides for an interesting – and certainly unique – take on the possession genre.
  3. Night of The Creeps (1986) – Fred Dekker’s movie is a kind of homage to the old black and white movies of the 1950s. Tom Atkins plays the hard-boiled detective investigating a series of brutal murders reminiscent of the death of his ex-girlfriend 20 years earlier. Dekker’s love of the horror genre is evidenced by his naming of characters after Sam Raimi, George Romero and John Carpenter.
  4. Razorback (1984) – An Australian production directed by Russell Mulcahy, Razorback is a kind of monster-on-the-rampage movie (think Jaws, think King Kong), only this time it’s a giant boar. Plot seems to be of lesser importance here than the spectacular array of outstanding special effects and junkyard aesthetics. Based on Peter Brennan’s novel, Razorback is a good fun movie that you should definitely add to your collection.
  5. Parents (1985) – This movie has now been released on Blu Ray by Lionsgate’s Vestron Video Collection series. Parents is an American black comedy about cannibals living in the suburbs. The flesh eaters in question are the Laemles, who on the surface seem to be just another typical sugar-candy-innocent, happy American family. However, their young son Michael soons gets wise to his parents’ dark cannibalistic secret, and the boy’s living nightmare starts to unfold as the human flesh starts hitting the plates at dinner time.