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A Candle For The Devil Review

A Candle For The Devil could be described as the distaff version of Psycho, only on this occasion it involves two crazy, murderous sisters rather than a mummy’s boy killer, and is set in a guest house in Spain rather than in a secluded American motel.

Made in 1973 and also released as It Happened At Nightmare Inn, A Candle For The Devil is a Spanish horror movie that tells the story of two deranged, self-righteous sisters, Marta and Veronica, who run an inn for tourists in a quaint little Spanish village. As the film opens, their latest guest, May,  a young blonde who blatantly flaunts her sexuality as she sunbathes topless, sends the mentally unstable and aggressive Marta into a fit of wild rage, and she ends up killing the girl.

After the sisters, cold-bloodedly and gruesomely, dispose of May’s body, they soon start turning their murderous intentions to a few more victims, motivated by their warped, fanatical religious obsession that all young and nubile tourists to the area are sexually corrupt and, as such, not worthy to breathe the same air as them. But their killing spree soon hits a temporary obstacle, as May’s sister, Laura (Judy Geeson), turns up at the inn asking questions about her sister’s whereabouts and threatening to expose the truth behind the inn’s dark secrets. Ánd once the evening meal the two devious sisters serve starts to send alarm bells ringing with the sudden collapse, at the dinner table, of one lady diner, well, you just know that something stomach-turningly horrific and sinister is going on at this  guest house from hell.

So will Laura eventually get to the bottom of just what is going on at the inn and, in the process, come out of it all in one piece? Well, I’m not giving anything more away, so you’ll have to watch the movie to find that out.

If you love a real, good psycho thriller that is not to be taken too seriously, then I think you will love A Candle For The Devil. I certainly did, being a huge fan of old 1970s horror thrillers, especially if they feature such top British actresses as Judy Geeson, who really delivers a great performance here as the main protagonist of the movie.

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Alan Toner