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Almost Human Movie 1974 Review

I have seen many movie bad guys in my time, but the one in the 1974 Umberto Lenzi Italian classic Almost Human really must be the most heinous, cold-blooded and utterly detestable villain I have ever seen in any film.

The baddie in question is a character called Giulio Saachi (played brilliantly by Tomas Milian), a violently sadistic hoodlum who not only has a disgusting penchant for torture and rape, but also one overriding ambition in life: to become a master criminal, untouchable by even the law itself. And woe betide anybody who stands in his way!

Assisted by his equally murderous cronies, Saachi embarks on a violent, bloody killing spree across the streets of Italy. Nobody is safe as he mercilessly exterminates victim after victim. (The scene involving his girlfriend was particularly shocking, but you’ll have to watch the movie yourself to see exactly what I mean.) As you watch this roller coaster-ride-of-a-crime-thriller, you find yourself constantly thinking: God, who is this psycho going to slaughter next? Hence the title Almost Human, because that certainly describes this monstrous villain perfectly.

Once the evil plan he hatches to kidnap the beautiful young daughter of a wealthy businessman is carried out, the movie becomes really tense and gripping, as you desperately hope that the poor girl will eventually be rescued and that her evil captors will get their just deserts.

American actor Henry Silva is also fantastic as the hard-boiled cop Walter Grandi, who is determined to bring Saachi and his gang of murdering sadists to justice, even if it means transgressing the laws of his profession a little.

With an excellent score by Ennio Morricone and a gorgeous new HD transfer by Shameless Entertainment, Almost Human is a movie that will literally blow you way.

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Alan Toner