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Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story Review

Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story [Blu-ray]

Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story is one of the best cannibal movies I have ever seen. And this latest Blu Ray release from 88 Films is one that definitely needs to be added to your cannibal movie collection, as they have done a fantastic job with the restoration of this film.

Also known as White Slave (1985), the movie tells the story of 18-year-old Catherine Miles, who graduates from her boarding school and takes a trip, accompanied by her parents, to the Amazon jungle. During the boat ride across the river, her parents are savagely killed by a local cannibal tribe, who then take Catherine prisoner.

As she struggles to survive her hellish captivity in the jungle, Catherine bravely attempts to assimilate the customs of the tribe, aided by a warrior, with whom she falls in love. However, whilst outwardly exhibiting a kind of amicable willingness towards every gesture that the tribe make to her, Catherine is inwardly planning to exact her vengeance on the murderers of her parents. It is this aspect of the plot that sets it apart from most cannibal movies I have seen, and enhances the movie’s enjoyability factor.

Although the movie is touted as a “true story”, this is just a publicity gimmick, as there never was a Catherine Miles. However, don’t allow that misleading headline to detract from your enjoyment of the movie, as, true story or not, this film is guaranteed to hold your attention right to the end. The jungle scenery is beautiful, the acting is flawless, and the brutal customs of the cannibal tribe will, at times, have you cringing in your seat as you hope that Catherine will eventually escape her captors and get her revenge on her parents’ killers. And if you love a slice of nudity in your cannibal flicks, well, there’s quite a bit of that too.

So if you love cannibal exploitation movies as much as I do, then go and treat yourself to Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story now, as I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

You can buy the film now by clicking on the Amazon link above this article.

Alan Toner