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Annabelle Should NEVER Have Come Home

I have just watched the latest movie in The Conjuring universe: Annabelle Comes Home. Well, after being extremely disappointed with this film, all I can say is, Annabelle Should NEVER have come home.

If you are not familiar with the plot of this car crash of a horror (“horror”? Ha, that’s a laugh!) movie, the storyline follows the continuing exploits of the cursed doll Annabelle after the demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren bring it back home to add to their Occult Museum. Well, as you can imagine, it’s not too long before Annabelle is up to her old creepily restless tricks again, this time exhibiting them before a terrified bunch of young females, among them the Warrens’ daughter 10-year-old daughter, Judy.

I have already said that I was thoroughly disappointed with this film. Not only that, but the general storyline – what scant storyline there was – also left me feeling quite angry. Angry because this movie could have been so much better. Unfortunately, all we got were the same old irritating jump scares, teens wandering around and around aimlessly in the dark (ha, as if they would in real life!) and a painfully soporific, dull story. There was no proper characterisation, no tension, no real scary stuff, and no reason whatsoever to recommend this movie as a “must watch”.

Another thing I did not care for too much in this movie was the addition of “extra” creepy artefacts (e.g. the killer bride, the sinister ferryman etc.). And we even have a WEREWOLF thrown in for good measure (or should that be “bad” measure?). I mean, come ON. This movie is supposed to be about ANNABELLE (who, for some reason, takes a back seat here), not about how many other creepy entities you can chuck in an apparent attempt to make it seem like some Universal-style monsterfest.

To top it all, the ending was just ridiculous and far-fetched. It was comparable to the “when she woke up she realized it was all just a dream” scenario. You would imagine that the characters in this movie would be really traumatized after such a “horrifying” event. Were they hell! On the contrary, they were all calmly sitting down at home together like one big happy family, as if nothing had happened. Meh!

If this is the direction that the Annabelle movies are going to take, then it is not boding too well for this franchise to improve. Personally, having been disappointed TWICE now by these Annabelle movies (I loathed Annabelle Creation too), I am afraid I shall have to think very carefully in future about whether I should watch yet another one.

Annoyingly skimpy on horror content, devoid of inspiration, and stereotypically interminable, Annabelle Comes Home is a movie that I regretted spending EVERY penny of my fifteen quid on.

By Alan Toner
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