The Green Inferno Review

The Green Inferno
If you harbour the guilty pleasure of gory cannibal movies where groups of jungle explorers get captured, stripped naked and subjected to all kinds of hideous mutilations and deaths by hordes of uncivilised, flesh-hungry savages, then I am sure you … Read More

A Candle For The Devil Review

A Candle For The Devil could be described as the distaff version of Psycho, only on this occasion it involves two crazy, murderous sisters rather than a mummy’s boy killer, and is set in a guest house in Spain rather … Read More

Secrets In The Walls Review

I have just watched a fantastic haunted house movie called Secrets In The Walls, which stars the lovely Jeri Ryan as the main protagonist in a story guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

Jeri plays Rachel Easton, a … Read More

Terrifier Movie

Terrifier movie

Move over, Pennywise, for you may have a new rival who – by virtue of his sheer horrific, maniacal and murderous tendencies – makes you look like Krusty. That rival is called Art the Clown, and he features in the … Read More