Assault 1971 Movie Review

assault blu ray
I have always been a big fan of British actress Suzy Kendall, and her 1971 movie Assault is definitely one of my special favourites of hers. So, as I have now purchased and watched this 70s classic on glorious Blu … Read More

Lady Frankenstein Review

Lady Frankenstein
Lady Frankenstein (1971) takes the formulaic Frankenstein story that we have seen replicated countless times over the years and gives it a new, and rather erotic, twist. However, as I am a big fan of both the Universal and Hammer … Read More

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds

The Birds
Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is, for me, the ultimate animals-on-the-rampage movie. Loosely based on Daphne Du Maurier’s 1952 novella of the same name, Hitchcock’s 1963 masterpiece, brilliantly depicts the sheer tension and horror of what might happen if birds, suddenly … Read More