A Candle For The Devil Review

A Candle For The Devil could be described as the distaff version of Psycho, only on this occasion it involves two crazy, murderous sisters rather than a mummy’s boy killer, and is set in a guest house in Spain rather … Read More

Secrets In The Walls Review

I have just watched a fantastic haunted house movie called Secrets In The Walls, which stars the lovely Jeri Ryan as the main protagonist in a story guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

Jeri plays Rachel Easton, a … Read More

Terence Fisher and Hammer Horror

the films of terence fisher
Terence Fisher (23 February 1904 – 18 June 1980) was a British director and a prominent name in the English gothic cinema. He is most remembered for his work with Hammer films, where he presented Gothic horror in full lurid … Read More

Terrifier Movie

Terrifier movie

Move over, Pennywise, for you may have a new rival who – by virtue of his sheer horrific, maniacal and murderous tendencies – makes you look like Krusty. That rival is called Art the Clown, and he features in the … Read More