The Love Witch

I have just watched what has to be the most unusual, quirky, subversive – and so beautifully presented – witchcraft movie I have ever seen in my whole life. The movie is called The Love Witch, and here is … Read More

The Quiet Ones True Story

Hammer’s supernatural movie The Quiet Ones, in which a University physics professor assembles a team to help create a poltergeist, is actually based on a true story which happened way back in the 1970’s, when a group of Canadian … Read More

Rings Movie Review

Here is a Rings movie review from Yours Truly. But then again, thinking it over, does a movie that was as chronically bad as Rings even DESERVE a review? Well, a GOOD review, that is, which this movie certainly does … Read More

Universal Legacy Collection Blu Ray

Having always been a BIG fan of the Universal monster movies (in fact, they were my first real introduction to horror, as I watched these avidly as a kid), I am really pleased to see that they have finally released … Read More

Dario Argento’s Dracula

Being a big fan of the Hammer Dracula films starring Christopher Lee (who, in my opinion, was the best Dracula ever), I always tend to view modern reboots of Stoker’s famous vampire lord with a certain degree of cynicism. For … Read More

Curse of Chucky

I have just watched the new Child’s Play movie, Curse of Chucky, and thought it was brilliant. It was great to see a return to the good, serious horror of the first few movies, rather than a rehash of … Read More