Old English Village Ghosts

My name is Victoria, and I am thirteen years old. I would like to share with you my experiences of old English village ghosts.

I lived in England until I was eleven. The house I lived in was very old, Read More

Poltergeist Story

This is a poltergeist story. In the year 1996, I was ten years old when my Mom went to bed and my brother was on the couch watching TV.

When I went to go play with my Mom’s keys and Read More

Worcestershire Ghosts and Hauntings

Tales of ghosts, apparitions and all things paranormal are as old as recorded history. Many of the stories in Anne Bradford’s book go back some years, as people are often reluctant to talk about their experiences until some time … Read More

Worcestershire The Haunted County

Worcestershire The Haunted County is Anne Bradford’s eighth collection of true ghost stories and strange occurrences from all over the county, told by all those people who experienced them.

Worcestershire has the dark reputation for … Read More