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Cult of Chucky Was Utter Rubbish!

Cult of Chucky was utter rubbish! A total and complete mess. Why the hell did they mess around with the story line by having the ridiculous scenario of multiple Chuckys? What on EARTH were they thinking?

I was so looking forward to this movie after being so thoroughly entertained by Curse of Chucky, but after watching it last night, I just felt completely and utterly disappointed. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that it is the WORST Chucky movie in the whole series. Even the cameo reappearance of Jennifer Tilly couldn’t save the film. And the idea of Andy getting himself committed in the asylum just to confront the Chucky killer in the there was just so corny and ludicrous.

This pile of crap that is Cult of Chucky is going on eBay, as I have no desire whatsoever to tarnish my Chucky collection by adding this boring, ridiculous piece of tripe to it, which is a shame, as I always love to add a new Blu Ray to a horror character series.

And as for looking forward to any future Chucky sequel, well, after this terrible, terrible story line, I don’t think circumstances bode very well for a revitalization of the Chucky saga, do you? No reason to be optimistic at all here, because I find it difficult to see how the writers are going to rescue the story line from the abysmal path it has just gone down in Cult of Chucky. For me, they have totally ruined what was, hitherto, a brilliant horror franchise with this demonic doll.

Perhaps they should finally allow Chucky to rest in peace in his doll graveyard. Wouldn’t you all say so?

Alan Toner