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Dead Snow Review

dead snow
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Dead Snow is the type of film I normally class as a “horror-in-the-snow movie”.

Released in 2009 and directed by Tommy Wirkola, Dead Snow opens with a terrified woman being pursued through a snow-covered forest. She is eventually caught by her chasers – a menacing group of Nazi zombies – and becomes fresh human meat for the ravenous walking corpses, and in the most graphic way imaginable.

Totally unaware of this horrific slaughter, a group of Norwegian medical students journey to this remote Arctic mountain for an Easter weekend of chilling (no pun intended here) out, be it a snowball fight or a spot of skiing.

As the students settle down in their temporary digs and proceed to disport themselves, a mysterious hiker appears on the scene and relates to them stories of the area’s bloody and turbulent history during the years of Nazi occupation.

When the students later discover a box containing Nazi gold, everything starts to go downhill as fast as a motorised sleigh would go down a steep, snowy mountain. During that German occupation over 65 years ago, the Nazis committed mass murder of the local people, heinously looting their homes in the bargain. But as the war began to turn against Hitler’s army of sadists, some of the soldiers never actually made it home, and eventually perished in the icy landscape. And they took their stolen gold with them.

However, the Nazis were not destined to lay dead and rotting in the ground forever, for once the students disturb them, they rise from their icy graves, still clad in their military uniforms, and full of burning malevolence. As the zombie troops proceed to launch their bloody onslaught on the students, the winter snow starts to run red with the blood of the Nazi zombies’ victims.

Dead Snow, to be honest, is not really one of my favourite zombie movies. Granted, it does have its moments, but for me they were few and far between. This is a film that features every zombie splatter trope you can think of. However, despite this overused familiarity, you have to give Wirkola some credit for striking a perfect balance between the comedic and horror elements, which is not always an easy thing to do. And there are certainly enough gruesome deaths scenes in the movie to keep all fans of the excessively gory zombie flick satisfied (including some hearty penis gorging – OUCH!). And here’s an interesting fact for all you said gore hounds: over 450 litres of fake blood were used by the effects team.

Dead Snow attracted mixed reviews from the critics at home, but in other countries it was so popular that a sequel, Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead [Blu-ray], was released in 2014.

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Alan Toner

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