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Haunted Fairgrounds

Fairgrounds and theme parks often put on haunted shows during Halloween. Each one will present some kind of stunning horror show to give the patrons the real scary roller coaster ride they crave. But it is a well known fact that some of these parks are really haunted. So, if you’d like to see some real ghosts, then you will certainly find a few at the following amusement parks:

1. Dorney Park

Dorney Park is located in South Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania. In 1860, Solomon Dorney bought a large piece of land and built a trout hatchery and summer resort on it. In 1870, he opened it to the public and added some attractions. By 1880, there were various rides and a petting zoo. Over the years, the various owners of park have updated the rides and maintained the park. A ghost reportedly haunts an area of the park. Near what is called the Dominator is an old building that houses an arcade, a few small shops and cafes. Connecting two of the cafes is a corridor, at the end of which is an old mine shaft. There have been many reports of a man seen by the door. This entity suddenly appears and disappears just as quickly. Many strange noises and occurrences have also been experienced in various parts of the building.

2. Cedar Point

This Sandusky, Ohio amusement park is 364 acres and holds the world record for having the most roller coasters. In the 1860s, there were boat rides to the peninsula, where the amusement park is currently located, and the confederates used it for accommodation. In 1870, a beer garden opened, in addition to a fairy ride. Bathhouses were erected in 1878, but there were no boat rides available to get there. In 1892 the first rollercoaster was built. Since then, it has been growing steadily as each new owner has taken it over. There is a carousel that was erected by William H. Dentzal. He was building it for his unborn daughter and attaching a white horse to lead the pact of horses. When his wife and daughter both died in childbirth, he changed the white horse to a black military horse. The story goes that at night, when the park closes down, the carousel will turn itself on, and the wife or daughter can be seen riding the horse around.

3. Coney Island

Coney Island is situated in the southern peninsula of Brooklyn, New York City. In the 1860s, streetcars lined the area and by 1881 there was a steamboat that would transport people to the peninsula. The first carousel was built in 1876. By 1961, Coney Island was a thriving business, and the first annual hotdog-eating contest took place. With public and private beaches, a boardwalk occupied by shops and eateries, games and arcades and rides, it has had its ups and downs, but continues to do well. There is a rollercoaster with a tower, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of L.A. Thompson. He was renowned for building many rollercoasters, but not this particular one. His reason for haunting this ride remains a mystery.

4. Kings Island

Located in Mason, Ohio, this 364 acre amusement park is the partner park to Cedar Point. It first opened in 1972. It was built to serve as a replacement park for Ohio’s version of Coney Island. In 1984, Kings Island was sold, and again in 1987. It continued to change hands until 2006. Five different ghosts are said to haunt this amusement park. One ghost is called “Tommy Tower.” At a graduation party, Tommy had a little too much to drink. In his inebriated state, he decided to climb the tower, a foolish act which ultimately resulted in him falling to his death. A ghostly little boy or girl has been seen walking along the Racer behind all the games. By the fountain, many people have reported seeing a glowing pair of eyes. A spectral figure has also been observed walking around the International Restaurant, which is located above the entrance. A deceased security guard is also said to haunt the place, and a park attendee who, like “Tommy Tower”, became drunk and fell to her death on the Flight Commander Ride. She fought with the ride operators and undid her restraints, and thought it would be a good idea to stand up and wave to her friends. Big mistake.

5. Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom amusement park is a part of the Walt Disney enterprise. It opened in 1971 and is one of the most popular parks in the world. It is built over a maze of tunnels. Located on the Magic Kingdom grounds are Main Street, Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Liberty Square, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land and Mickey’s Toontown Fair. Although this park was a big part of Walt Disney’s vision, it was incomplete at the time of his death. According to local legend, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is the part that is haunted. Every morning, when the workers come in, they have to say good morning to the ghost or the ride does not work that day. When they try to operate the ride without acknowledging the apparition, it will invariably breakdown.

6. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has had many reports of ghostly happenings over the years. A ghost by the name of “Cloggy”, so called because he is the spirit of a ride operator who used to wear clogs, is said to haunt the Ghost Train. Cloggy has been heard walking around inside the Ghost Train, the sound of his clogs clattering on the tracks making an eerie sound. Cloggy died about 20 years ago, but his is not the only spirit that haunts Blackpool’s attractions. Other entities include a possible female ghost in the Arena. There are also spectres in the Star Pub and Sir Hiram Maxim’s Gift Shop. Staff working late at night, walking across to the tractor bay, have felt really cold, and experienced an “awful” presence. At the Star Pub there have been sightings of shadows and a male figure in the cellar, living accommodation and Morgan and Griffin Bars. He is said to resemble Karl Marx. Five years ago, two workmen claim to have spotted him. Four years ago, a figure was seen at 3am walking through the bar before disappearing. The ghost of a small female child, aged about nine, has been seen at Sir Hiram Maxim’s Gift Shop. Sir Hiram Maxim’s Flying Machines is the oldest ride at the park, built in 1904. And about three years ago an item moved itself overnight to a completely different spot.

7. Alton Towers

Alton Towers, in Staffordshire, is the UK’s number one tourist attraction. Due to the various reports of strange things that have occurred there over the years, it is not surprising that the site has attracted a lot of attention from paranormal groups, ghost hunters, and even the TV show Most Haunted. During the 1930’s, when the Talbot family still owned the Property, one of their estate workers claimed to have witnessed ghostly happenings there. The estate worker was walking back from the train station one summer evening. The way back to the mansion was via the “Step Walk”, a path which winds upwards through the heavily forested part of the grounds, and contains eighteen flights of steps. As he approached the final set of steps, he noticed a stranger standing at the top of the stairs. The stranger began to descend towards him. The gent’s elegant clothing and shiny shoes seemed odd. The man was wearing a top hat and a long black flowing cape. A white scarf was wrapped around his neck, and he carried a black silver topped walking cane. As the figure drew nearer, the estate worker tilted his cap courteously to bid him goodnight, whereupon the figure vanished. Shocked, the worker ran all the way home. The next day he related his experience to the foreman, who asked if he’d seen a black dog. The foreman said he had seen the ghostly figure himself on several occasions, but he was always accompanied by a black dog.

Hex – The Legend of the Towers is an attraction designed by John Wardley at Alton Towers. It opened in 2000 and is situated in the original armory and picture gallery of the Gothic mansion. The attraction is attached to the curse at Alton Towers. This area is known by staff as one of the most haunted on the estate, as regular poltergeist activity has been witnessed there. Tools move of their own accord during the night, staff have had objects and stones violently thrown at them by an unseen entity. People queuing for the ride have seen ghostly children dressed in Victorian clothing that suddenly vanish.

The ghost of a well-built man has been seen in and around the music room by members of staff. Loud heavy footsteps have also been heard emitting from the room. When the room is investigated it is always found to be empty. Other footsteps have been heard in the banqueting room, but in this case they are accompanied by a dark shadowy figure.

The ghost of a lady in a long black dress has been spotted walking the corridors in the tower, a strong smell of perfume emanating from her spectral form. One member of staff mistook her for a guest who was still in the park after hours. When her asked her to leave, the woman slowly faded away in front of him.

By Alan Toner