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Haunted Norfolk

It took me a long time to work out why clearance of spirit problems, and even general exorcisms, were often problematic or unsuccessful, in Norfolk county in England, as opposed to the rest of the country.

In what is called the Norfolk triangle, which is a rumoured Ley line division,one particular ancient drinking house needed much help after continued re-infestation by restless spirits, over a long period.

Norfolk’s medieval folklore has some strange tales involving witches, and this part of the country, and some locals, still reflect these beliefs. In fact the whole of East Anglia has what is called “a high water table” which means if you plunge a shovel into the ground, you will see the hole rapidly fill with water,

As this whole area was only reclaimed from the sea, relatively recently. And herin lies the key, because there are so many Norfolk tales with water and its relationship with both spirits and witchcraft, and many tales of nocturnal vampirism are still told in the ancient cottages.

In Matthew12;43 the gospel tells of the need to first exorcise the water for baptism.

The main category of spirits found in water are called ”Undines”

Many people in tune with their psychic abilities have heard voices calling to them from the depths, and in days gone past sailors in some parts of the oceans would be tied to the mast to stop them being tempted to join the water spirits.“because spirit like water always finds its own level”

It has been established only recently what the old folklore has always said, that water holds its own memory, and you could clear a building of unsavoury spirit residue and the water underneath it would quickly assist in its return.

Although conventional science is pretty well discredited, remember they told us the world was flat, and by the year 2000 we would all be holidaying in space, and living on pills alone, and in their day they laughed at geniuses like Velikovsky and Einstein, And 60% of British school kids reject today’s modern science.

But scientific theory does have the term “entanglement” which is the state of two or more particles, once they have interacted with one another.

From then on a correlation will always exist between them, what happens to one will affect the other, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

This is the hypotheses that underlies homeopathy, And this idea can be taken further in recognising that the human body is largely water. Which fits the ancient laws of karmic attachment. This would attract from one life to another.

However, for decades low lying Norfolk was cut off, from the outside country, and the natives developed through inter-breading a culture and philosophy of their own, where brooding ancestral memories meant lucky charms and house talismans are often still seen.

Norfolk was in a recent poll said to be the most unfriendly place in Britain, Wales excluded.

Even externalising thoughts to someone, good or bad will be easier, in an area that is damp.

It was largely this, that made it the best of hunting grounds for Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General, those few centuries ago, with dislike and fear of outsiders still apparent, and old timers still speak of tortures and burnings at the stake, particularly in the market place.

The belief was that the witch was to be thrown into the water to see if the demons there would reject, or keep her.

In the general area of Norwich alone it is said 300 were murdered in the hysteria, and a heaviness of spirit still permeates the land, and isolated churches are still occasionally desecrated in anger,

-Because the water holds on to the emotion-

This area still retains the hurt of the English civil war within the fabric of the land itself.

Civil wars are the worst possible type of conflict, as brother is pitted against brother, Father against son, and the blood spilt onto the land, can hold negative emotions for centuries, ideal for fostering extremism in both Christianity and pagan belief systems.

Strangely, it was not just the brooding memories of Witchcraft, but a more recent belief that intrigued me.

Between the two world wars, rural Norfolk was again to experience this deep brooding, but over something quite different.

With the threat of Communism coming across from Russia, in the 1930s (and remember, Winston Churchill was an “appeaser” to communism), in fact the only man to stand up against this creeping philosophy, was Adolf Hitler. This meant that Britain’s royal family, whose own relations were murdered by the Soviets, secretly supported him, and the royal household servants at Sandringham by and large were in agreement. This is why Churchill, intent on war, had the kings brother, “peacemaker” the Duke of Kent murdered, and the other royal peacemaker forced into abdication, under the guise of the “Wallis Simpson” fiasco.

However, the political climate of the time was that it did not matter to Norfolk’s poorly paid land workers which party was in power, they were always ignored or left out economically, and seeing the support given in Germany for the lowest paid, many had sympathies for national Socialism, with free holidays for all, a proper road system and the “folks wagon” or peoples car for all, and the only time the world has ever seen full employment.

Churchill was so suspicious of the Norfolk farm workers that when the German bombing was so accurate in the area, he believed that the Norfolk farmers were signalling to the bombers, and made tentative plans to bomb his own people in Norfolk !

Think on that.

He even described East Anglia as just a big aircraft carrier, for the whole area being flat, was ideal for aircraft, and was dotted all over with airfields.

However, after the war in 1950 Andrew Fountaine a large landowner with a distinguished war record, won the local seat with over 22000 votes on a Neo-nazi ticket, but a fraudulent vote count just squeezed in a labour candidate.

When I moved to Norfolk, I bought a house that had been bed-sits, these multi-occupation houses are magnets for unhappiness, depression and loneliness, they usually have many negative energies because people often come there after a relationship break-up, certainly this one certainly took a long while to feel happier.

Strangely, these houses are always cold, and the dampness of the high water table means spirits come and go with ease.

On occasion, the smell of pipe tobacco will enter the room and be quite vivid,

You can at times see this old spirit chap, who is quite aware of what is going on, Always sitting in an armchair and smoking a pipe. My young son would call him “the captain” and this spirit would say the perfumed tobacco was a popular naval blend from the early 1900s, from when he took over the then new house.I had asked him to leave several times as he seemed to enjoy just appearing in the armchair and scaring my guests, but he always returned through the high water table under the house.

When I would tell him he was dead, he would say, “he did not believe in that life after death stuff and never have”. He radiates what I can only describe as “loneliness” for he seems to like being with people, I have evicted him several times and he continually comes back more upset than the last, and always in his naval uniform.

He seems to like walking heavily across the floor, making the chandelier swing about downstairs, especially at night.

When you take residence at a new address, it should be psychically sealed to prevent unwanted psychic guests, and it took me some considerable time to “pentaclise” or proclaim the flaming pentacles to the floor as well a walls and apertures. This with the sprinkling of blessed salt water and a few herbs and Indian kans grasses, with some garlic burning in a saucer, is helpful.

Suppose, for argument’s sake, that water flows under a public drinking house, and then flows under your own residence, well it is a well tested fact that attendant to the consumption of alcohol, go unseen elemental forces, this is so accepted that they share the same name “spirits”

Some times people are amused by the Pink elephants and such like, that are often seen by alcoholics, when they actually do see these creatures in the astral planes while drunk

Public drinking houses always seem to need deliverance or exorcism..So the various categories of astral husks, etheric residue, psychic exuviea, ancient memory traces and lower forces that inhabit pubs will also have an open door to your dwelling place, and with a high water table it will be difficult to expel them, you would need to give as much emphasis to the floor as the apertures, E.G. doors and windows and do not forget as some do, the fireplace opening or hearth, in fact the term “hearth” is an old term for the “Heart” of the house, and old buildings in Norfolk often have carved inscriptions on the base of the hearth, or an old shoe buried there, for the sole purposes of psychic protection, mainly through the floor, or chimney opening.