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Horror Writers Association

The Horror Writers Association (HWA) is the premier organisation for writers and publishers of horror and dark fantasy throughout the world.

A non-profit body, one of the Horror Writers Association’s primary goals is to encourage public interest in, and generate an appreciation of, quality horror and dark fantasy literature.

The organisation’s website,, offers many opportunities to participate in public readings and lectures, publishes a monthly newsletter for its members, forges links between booksellers, librarians, fans and readers. The Association also keeps up an official presence at genre conventions and lectures, and even hosts its own annual gathering: Stoker.con

The HWA also sponsors the annual Bram Stoker Awards for outstanding achievement in horror literature. In addition, the organisation presents an annual Lifetime Achievement Award for any writer who has made an outstanding contribution to the Horror and Dark Fantasy genre.

If you want to join the HWA, you don’t have to be an established writer. All that is necessary is your expressed enthusiasm to become a professional writer, and this alone will qualify you to join at Affiliate level.

For further information about how to join the HWA and its various levels of membership, go to

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