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Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon

Kim Newman's Video Dungeon
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Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon is a brilliant book for all movie buffs. I picked it up the other day from Waterstone’s, as the instant I saw it on the bookshelf and read its blurb, I knew I just HAD to add it to my horror movie book collection.

Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon has got to be one of the best movie books I have ever read in my life. Offering reviews of over 500 films – many of which I have never heard of and which I will certainly be checking out – Newman’s book is the ideal reference source for anybody with a keen interest in the best and worst of the B movie genre. Taking its inspiration from Newman’s Empire column of the same name, the book features a wealth of theme chapters covering both new and old films, obscure titles, and re-releases.

Newman’s unique style of reviewing these movies makes this book all the more entertaining. He certainly has a way with words, and just as I always enjoy watching his reviews of movies in the DVD and Blu Ray extras he often pops up in, I also enjoyed reading his comments on the various productions covered in this hefty tome. He is very good at keeping his reviews short and to the point, which is all to the good for those who are rather averse to reading lengthy, rambling text, but instead prefer to be given just the plain facts and outline of each movie, so that they can decide whether or not a particular film is worthwhile checking out.

So if you just love reading all about B movies and obscure titles, and enjoy being regaled by a lively reviewer with a talent for uttering many facetious and memorable quotes relating to certain films, then grab yourself a copy of Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon. I guarantee you will be going back to it again and again, as it is one hell of an informative and interesting read.

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Alan Toner