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Mausoleum Blu Ray Review – Vinegar Syndrome Special Edition

Mausoleum Blu Ray
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I have finally managed to obtain a movie which I have long wanted with a decent picture quality. That movie is Mausoleum (1983), a film which has a special place in my heart, as it was the very first horror movie I ever rented out when I first got my VHS video recorder way back in early 1986. So, here is my Mausoleum Blu Ray Review – Vinegar Syndrome Special Edition.

Vinegar Syndrome have, as always, done a really fantastic job with this transfer. The movie looks absolutely GORGEOUS on Blu Ray, and it was a real treat to watch after all the abysmal-quality editions of this film I have viewed over the years. Moreover, this release is fully uncut and newly restored from its camera negative, with its ‘explosive’ opening sequence completely intact.

Directed by Michael Dugan from a screenplay by producers Robert Barich and Robert Madero, Mausoleum centres on a young housewife called Susan Walker Farrell (played brilliantly by beautiful blonde Bobbie Bressee, who also starred in Ghoulies), who becomes the helpless victim of an ancestral demon connected to her family lineage. As the evil entity begins to manifest in her life more and more, Susan becomes a murderous nymphomaniac who horrifically slaughters anybody who crosses her path. Shades of The Exorcist here as the possessed woman starts speaking in an abnormally gruff voice and physically transforms into a hideous creature from hell. As her husband becomes at his absolute wit’s end as to what to do for his possessed wife, there is really only one person who can help her expel the evil. However, he will have to confront the Devil himself in order to fully free Susan from her hideous ancestral curse . . .

One of the most entertaining things in Mausoleum, for me, was where Susan’s eyes start to glow bright green as she poises to entrance – and eventually murder – each of her victims. Bobbie Bressee is so stunning in this role, and I think she has undoubtedly earned herself a memorable, well-deserved place in my all time favourite moments in horror movie history. It’s a great pity she never made many more movies of this ilk.

The Special Features included on this Mausoleum Blu Ray/DVD Combo are:

Making Monsters” – a video interview with special fx makeup artist John Carl Buechler
Original theatrical trailer
Multiple tv spots
Promotional still gallery
Reversible cover artwork
English SDH subtitles

All in all, I would give Mausoleum a 10 out of 10. It’s a consummate mixture of early 80s supernatural horror and slasher film tropes. It is a real good, entertaining horror movie, and one that should be in every genre fan’s collection.

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