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Message To Scumbags Attacking Our Brave NHS Workers

I was disgusted – utterly DISGUSTED – to hear on the news today that some vile scumbags have been abusing some of our dedicated NHS workers whilst going about their duty. Well, I have only one thing to say to you pieces of filth; YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN SEWER RATS!!! What the HELL is wrong with you all?

Instead of acting like complete, brainless morons and ill treating medical workers, you should be patting them on the back for all the good work they are doing amid this horrible virus crisis. I have NEVER EVER been able to understand the mentality of any scumbag who abuses people who we rely on, brave and dedictated people who are working night and day to help us. They should be awarded medals, NOT subjected to such vile abuse.

So, as I sit here bristling with anger and revulsion at your pathetic antics, I want to leave this final message for all you thoughtless scumbags who have been abusing our brave NHS workers: Go and crawl back into whatever foul-smelling sewer you came from, and leave our brave NHS staff to get on with their duties. In other words, SEE SOME BLOODY SENSE!

Thank God you scumbags are in the very small minority.

By Alan Toner