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Roger Moore – A Tribute


I was very saddened to hear of the death of Sir Roger Moore yesterday, at the age of 89. Coming right after the despicable, disgusting terrorist attack in Manchester – to all whose people my thoughts and deep condolences go out – it all makes for a horrible few days.

I grew up watching Roger Moore on television, and will always be grateful for the many, many years of sheer entertainment he gave to not only myself, but also to millions of people all over the world. Whether he was playing Simon Templar in The Saint, or the suave, wise-cracking James Bond, or the polished nobleman Lord Brett  Sinclair in The Persuaders, he was always extremely consummate and professional in every role he was cast in, and was such a joy to watch. The man was, truly, one of our finest ever actors.

I especially loved him in the 1970s movie The Man Who Haunted Himself. I never get tired of watching this classic, and Roger is just brilliant in it as a successful businessman whose whole life is completely turned over – and in a most mysterious, gripping and supernatural way too – after he is involved in a near-fatal car crash. Indeed, Roger himself has even said that of all the movies he made, The Man Who Haunted Himself was his own personal favourite.

Aside from all his outstanding TV and screen work, Roger must also of course be fondly remembered for all the charity events he sponsored, especially UNICEF. As well as being one of our most treasured and loved actors, he was also our commendable Goodwill Ambassador.

Like all the millions of other fans who were equally shocked to hear of his death, I am going to really miss Roger Moore. He was left a wonderful legacy with all his movies and TV work, and at least we can take comfort from the fact that all these productions will continue to be shown for many years to come.

RIP Sir Roger. You were a true legend.

Alan Toner