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Secrets In The Walls Review

I have just watched a fantastic haunted house movie called Secrets In The Walls, which stars the lovely Jeri Ryan as the main protagonist in a story guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

Jeri plays Rachel Easton, a divorced mother who, together with her two young daughters, Mollie and Lizzie, moves away from downtown Detroit to take up a job in a leafy suburb. Whilst in her new location, she settles down in a very old house, which she has managed to get at a dirt cheap price, thanks to the verbal pushiness of a rather smarmy, unlikeable female realtor. Her initially unenthusiastic teenager, Lizzie, soon changes her tune at the prospect of having a basement room, while younger daughter Molly has psychic powers signalled by her being aware of the precise moment when the phone will ring.

During the family’s renovation of their seemingly perfect new home, the basement is found to have had a fake wall added, perhaps to conceal something. And then, all hell breaks loose, as the family starts to experience the eerie presence and sounds of a rather bedraggled female ghost, whose appearance is reminiscent of the terrifying entity from the movie The Ring.

When Rachel visits her local library to research the history of the house, she discovers that a young bride, Greta, is reported to have disappeared from the house some time during the 1950s. In reality, though, the woman was mercilessly walled up in the house by her overbearing husband, and this is the source of the haunting.

It is so convenient (as it always is in haunted house movies) that Rachel just happens to have a psychic friend at work, Belle, to whom she turns for help. Glad to oblige, Belle visits the house and performs a cleansing rite in the basement, with a view to laying to rest the ghost once and for all. But this is all to no avail, for things just go from bad to worse.

The dessicated corpse, which they find entombed within the walls of the house, and which bury, proceeds to cast its curse in the most malevolent way imaginable. Greta possesses Lizzie, and Rachel must fight like she has never fought before if she wants to get her daughter back and overcome the baleful spirit that is haunting her home.

Being originally a TV movie, all the supernatural effects in Secrets In The Walls are watered down. But that certainly doesn’t detract from its general enjoyability factor, for it is the ideal movie for anybody who loves a real good haunted house tale. The movie’s main strength is in the narrative focus which remains on the family issues that these ghostly disturbances exacerbate and create. The film has got atmosphere, creepiness and tension in bucketloads, without the need to resort to tacky special effects and excessive amounts of blood and gore. Plus, it’s got a great cast headed by the gorgeous Jeri Ryan. What more could you ask for?

Secrets In The Walls is definitely a film that you should add to your horror movie collection.

You can buy Secrets In The Walls by clicking on the image link at the beginning of this article.

By Alan Toner 

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