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Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King

Being a BIG Stephen King fan, I was really excited to hear that he has collaborated on a new book with his son Owen. The book is called Sleeping Beauties and, according to Amazon, will be released on 26 September 2017.

Apparently, this book will be about what might happen if women disappeared from the world of men. Some time in the future, something strange happens when women go to sleep: they become enveloped in a cocoon-like gauze if they are awakened.

The main character in this story is a lady called Evie, who is immune to the blessing or curse of the sleeping disease. But is she a medical anomaly just crying out to be studied, or is she some hellish demon that must be destroyed?

Set in a small Appalachian town whose primary employer is a women’s prison, Sleeping Beauties promises to be a gloriously absorbing father/son collaboration between Stephen King and Owen King.

I can’t wait for September!