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Terrifier Movie

Terrifier movie

Move over, Pennywise, for you may have a new rival who – by virtue of his sheer horrific, maniacal and murderous tendencies – makes you look like Krusty. That rival is called Art the Clown, and he features in the new Terrifier movie.

Terrifier is a movie that all fans of the 70s and 80s blood-soaked slasher movies will just love. The main villain of the film, Art the Clown is a truly terrifying creation, and the way he goes about his merciless, brutal, bloody killings is the stuff of real nightmares. This clown is truly TERRIFYING, as befits the movie’s title, and he takes no prisoners when it comes to dispatching his victims in the most gory manner imaginable. There is one particular scene in this movie (which I won’t go into, as you will have to watch the movie for yourself to see what I mean) which shocked even a jaded horror fan like myself.

Based on a character from the cult anthology movie All Hallow’s Eve, this shocker of an 80s throwback also occurs on Halloween night, as the crazed Art the Clown is hell bent on slaughtering two girls – or indeed anybody else who crosses his path.

In addition to All Hallow’s Eve, Art also appeared in the Damien Leonie 2008 horror short The Ninth Circle. He later went on to star in his own short, also called Terrifier, in 2011.

So if you like creepy clown movies – especially ones that go way over the top in terms of copious amounts of blood and gore – then grab yourself a copy of Terrifier today. And you never know, because if you can’t keep a bad clown down – and Art certainly IS one, with much potential to carve his name in horror movie history, not to mention his apparently indestructible trait – then a sequel may even be in the offing.

You can buy Terrifier now by clicking on the DVD image above this article.

Alan Toner