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The Coronavirus Nightmare

I never thought I would ever see the day when the world would be gripped by a crisis of such horrible and unimaginable proportions. It all just seems like one, long nightmare. A nightmare that we ALL wish would end soon. Yes, the nightmare I am talking about is the coronavirus nightmare.

Cases of people being afflicted by this deadly disease increasing with each day, some tragically dying as a result. Panic buying in the shops, most shelves being left totally empty as mass selfishness overrides genuine consideration for other people who can’t obtain the goods they need. Our streets becoming like virtual ghost towns as people stay in and our entertainment venues go into indefinite lockdown mode, at the well-meaning advice of the government. It could all be a scenario from some weird apocalyptic horror movie. And being a horror writer myself, and having watched so many horror movies featuring such dark, desolate scenes of empty streets as a consequence of some hellish viral outbreak, it is all making me think that such horror fiction – minus aliens and zombies, of course – is indeed becoming all too perturbingly real.

As we repeatedly hear from the daily news reports, this country is facing its biggest crisis since the Second World War. Virtually the whole world is too. Everybody has to work together, just as in wartime, in order to get through this crisis as best they can. Old people in particular need all the help they can get with shopping and other needs, as the government advises them to stay indoors to avoid coming into contact with infected others.

Thank God we have good, intelligent, professional people in the scientific profession who are working around the clock in an effort to stem this horrid virus and, hopefully, find a vaccine for it.  The same praise must also go to all the dedicated staff that work in the overstretched NHS. We must trust in them all, just like the government is, and give them our full confidence and support as we all fight this thing universally. I am confident that the scientists will eventually come up with a suitable antidote for coronavirus. The question is, when? Well, all we can do is to just hope that it will be sooner rather than later.

In these intensely trying times, when everybody’s lives have been disrupted to such a wide-ranging extent, and people are feeling so anxious and worried about this coronavirus outbreak, I can only offer this message of comfort to you all: stay calm, stay safe, trust in our authorities and scientists, and whatever you do, please, please do NOT panic, especially in regard to raiding the shelves and leaving nothing for other people. This coronavirus epidemic WILL be stemmed, WILL be defeated. It HAS to be. Hopefully, it could be sooner rather than later. We can only pray.

Look after yourselves and each other, everybody.

By Alan Toner
Author and Blogger
18th March 2020

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