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The Definitive Guide To Horror Movies

The Definitive Guide To Horror Movies

First published in 2006 and updated regularly ever since, The Definitive Guide To Horror Movies by James Marriott and Kim Newman is the ideal book for anybody who has a keen interest in horror films.

Whether you are a seasoned horror fan & scholar (like me), or just seeking to broaden your knowledge of this endlessly fascinating movie genre, this book will certainly satisfy you. It is the kind of book with which you can either relax in your chair and read right through, or just dip into at random when you need to look up any facts about a specific horror movie.

The two authors who put together this excellent tome certainly know their stuff, for as well as covering all the all the well known horror films, they also touch on the lesser known movies, which is brilliant, as it’s always nice to hear of an obscure little gem you can check out and, if you like it, add to your horror movie collection.

All the chapters are well categorised into the different sub genres of the movies, and accompanied by plenty of good photos of their respective films.

Looking back at the whole history of horror films, from the beginning of cinema until the present day, I highly recommend that you add this book to your shelf, as it really is one of the best books on horror movies that I have ever read.

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