in True Ghost Stories

The Ghostly Nurse

At St. Thomas’s Hospital in 1943, a workman called Charles Bide had a strange experience whilst retrieving some furniture for his boss from a part of the hospital that had been damaged in the previous night’s air raid.

As Charles, all alone at the top floor, was searching around for the furniture, he began to notice that the temperature in the room was dropping considerably. Simultaneously, he happened to glance in a mirror that was still intact and hanging on the wall. In its glass he saw, standing quite close behind him, a woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform. The uniform was by no means modern, but looked to be in a style from the Victorian era. The nurse looked completely distraught, as if she were utterly fed up with life and even contemplating suicide. Charles just stood there, open mouthed and transfixed, without even turning to face the vision. Finally, he managed to tear his gaze away from the weird apparition and flee from the building.

When Charles relayed his vision of the ghostly nurse to a doctor, he was just told to keep the sighting to himself, for the pressures on the hospital at that time were quite considerable, and so the last thing they wanted was reports of strange apparitions, especially of ghostly nurses.

The ghostly nurse has been seen by many more people over the years, although unlike Bide, none of them have had the misfortune to encounter her whilst on their own, and in a building that was so cold, empty and in such a dilapidated state.

By Alan Toner