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The Small Hand – Susan Hill TV Movie

Susan Hill The Small Hand

Susan Hill’s chilling ghost story The Small Hand has been made into a TV movie, and is being shown on Channel 5 tonight at nine o’clock. And being a HUGE fan of Susan Hill’s work, I am really looking forward to watching this.

The Small Hand by Susan Hill was first published in 2010. It tells the story of antiquarian book dealer Adam Snow who, whilst taking a wrong turn after visiting a client, stumbles across an old dilapidated Edwardian house, standing amid overgrown gardens, in the country. Gripped by curiosity, he walks towards the entrance. As he does so, he suddenly experiences the odd sensation of a small, icy-cold hand slipping into his own. It feels just like the hand of a child.

Later on, as the weeks go by, Snow starts to have nightmares and panic attacks. More disturbingly, he even starts to get regular visits from the small hand.

As his torments and anxieties continue, without any signs whatsoever of them abating, Snow determines to learn more about the old derelict house in the country, and its overgrown gardens.

When I read The Small Hand a few years ago, I really enjoyed it. Not, however, quite as entertaining and gripping as Susan Hill’s other masterpiece, The Woman In Black, it is still quite a good read for anybody who loves a well-constructed, creepy ghost story. Unlike The Woman In Black, it eschews period and adopts a more contemporary setting. On the whole, it is plot device that does work rather well.

So, as I said earlier, I shall definitely be tuning in tonight to watch how this Channel 5 TV adaptation of Susan Hill’s The Small Hand compares to the original novel.

By Alan Toner
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