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The Worst Werewolf Movie I Have Ever Seen

I have just watched what has to be the worst werewolf movie I have ever seen. That movie was The Snarling.

For what it’s worth, here is the basic storyline of The Snarling: When a zombie film is being made in their village (a rather remote location in the Midlands), locals Les (LAURENCE SAUNDERS, Doctors), Mike (CHRIS SIMMONS, The Bill) and Bob (BEN MANNING) see their golden opportunity to cash in and grab some fame and fortune for themselves. However, it soon becomes all too obvious that the movie is cursed, and there follows plenty of blood and gore as the mutilated bodies begin to pile up. As the full moon rises and the mysterious, bloodthirsty lycanthrope goes out on its nocturnal prowl, the local Detective Inspector and his incompetent sergeant investigate the killings, with a view to stopping the slaughter once and for all.

The movie also stars JULIA DEAKIN (Spaced, and Shaun of the Dead).

Honestly, The Snarling was just total RUBBISH from start to finish. Too much boring dialogue, annoying behaviour from so many inane characters, a dull plot, and, on the whole, just not enough action or thrills and chills to keep the average horror fan interested. And WHERE the hell was the “werewolf”? Honestly, the beast’s appearance was kept to such a minimum that for most of the time, I just felt like I was watching a stupid rural yarn rather than an out-and-out werewolf horror movie.

Filmed in 2015, The Snarling, a low-budget British werewolf movie, purports to be a “comedy horror”, but I have to say that it delivers on neither level. In fact, the whole plot was just so unimaginative, derivative, interminable and soporific to the point of sheer annoyance. I am not kidding, some films really do make you feel like cursing out loud and chucking something angrily at the telly when they are as bad as this one was. The script was so crass and the acting was all over the place. Needless to say, this is one werewolf movie that I shall definitely NOT be adding to my collection.

Julie Peasgood, an actress whom I have always admired greatly, was certainly wasted in this movie. I expected better from the storyline, especially if that eye-catching cover was anything to go buy. But boy was I disappointed. Regrettably, this only goes to show that you can never judge a movie by its cover. The Snarling promised so much but, I am sorry to say, delivered so little.

So if you are fan of the kind of classic werewolf movies like American Werewolf In London, The Howling and The Wolf Man (1941), you will definitely NOT like The Snarling, trust me, because this movie is nowhere near in their class, and will just prove to be a huge disappointment to you, just as it was to me.  Avoid this pile of dung at all costs, as you will be nodding off with utter boredom before too long, I guarantee it.

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Alan Toner