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Universal Legacy Collection Blu Ray

Having always been a BIG fan of the Universal monster movies (in fact, they were my first real introduction to horror, as I watched these avidly as a kid), I am really pleased to see that they have finally released them all on Blu Ray in the UK. Universal Legacy Collection Blu Ray will bring each of all the monsters we love – Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman and The Mummy – in their own separate boxed sets.

This will be the first time that all the sequels to each core movie will have been released on Blu Ray. So, for example, if you have already have the first two Karloff Frankenstein movies, but not the sequels such as Son of Frankenstein and The Ghost of Frankenstein, here is your chance to get them all in the Frankenstein Complete Legacy Collection.

You can buy each of the Universal Monster Legacy Collections by clicking on the relevant image link below.