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William Castle At Columbia Volume One Review

William Castle At Columbia Volume One
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Indicator have released two fantastic Blu Ray box sets featuring eight of William Castle’s most popular movies (four movies in each box set). I will be reviewing the second volume in a future post, but for now, I want to talk about the William Castle At Columbia Volume One set.

Just as they did with all their other box sets – the Hammer and Ray Harryhausen collections – Indicator have again delivered the goods right to perfection here. This boxed set is just a movie collector’s HEAVEN, especially if you are William Castle fan. You get four movies in this set, all of which are beautifully remastered in Hi Definition. They are:

The Tingler (1959)
13 Ghosts (1960)
Homicidal (1961)
Mr Sardonicus (1961)

Each movie comes with its own glossy booklet packed with many interesting articles and photos. So if you are as big a fan of movie trivia as I am, then I am sure you will heartily devour every single page of these truly wonderful and informative booklets.

In regard to all the special features – and there a LOT of them – that come with this box set, well, again, all you movie buffs will be utterly delighted with what’s on offer here. So, for the record, here they all are:


  • High Definition remasters
  • Original mono audio
  • The Tingler alternative feature audio: mono; with stereo ‘Scream’ sequence; and drive-in version
  • The Tingler fully restored bathroom scene, scanned in 4K
  • Alternative feature presentations of 13 Ghosts: the original ‘Illusion-O’ version (85 mins) and the original black-and-white version (83 mins)
  • The Tingler audio commentary by Jonathan Rigby and Kevin Lyons
  • Homicidal audio commentary by author and film historian Lee Gambin
  • Mr. Sardonicus audio commentary with Samm Deighan and Kat Ellinger
  • Spine-Tingler! The William Castle Story (2007, 82 mins): acclaimed documentary featuring John Landis, Joe Dante, Roger Corman and John Waters
  • Spine Tingler! audio commentary with Jeffrey Schwarz and Terry Castle
  • Larger Than Life: The Making of ‘Spine-Tingler!’(2011, 9 mins)
  • Imaginary Biology (2018, 17 mins): a new appreciation of The Tingler by Kim Newman
  • Scream for Your Lives!: William Castle and ‘The Tingler’ (1999, 16 mins): documentary featuring actor Darryl Hickman, archivist Bob Burns and film historian David Skal
  • I Survived ‘The Tingler’ (2018, 4 mins): interview with actor Pamela Lincoln
  • Unleashing Percepto (2018, 3 mins): interview with publicist Barry Lorie
  • Stephen Laws Introduces ’13 Ghosts’ (2018, 13 mins): a personal appreciation
  • The Magic of ‘Illusion-O’(2001, 8 mins): Bob Burns and filmmakers Michael Schlesinger and Fred Olen Ray discuss 13 Ghosts
  • Psychette (2002, 8 mins): Bob Burns and filmmakers David Del Valle, Michael Schlesinger and Fred Olen Ray discuss the Homicidal 
  • Stephen Laws Introduces ‘Homicidal’ (2018, 8 mins): a personal appreciation
  • ‘Homicidal’: Youngstown, Ohio Premiere (1961, 5 mins): promotional film
  • Gothic Castle (2018, 28 mins): Jonathan Rigby on Mr. Sardonicus
  • The Punishment Poll (2018, 6 mins): an interview with publicist Richard Kahn
  • Taking the Punishment Poll (2002, 8 mins): a discussion of Mr. Sardonicus
  • Ballyhoo! (2018, 4 mins): film historian Bob Thomas on interviewing Castle
  • Isolated music & effects tracks
  • Original trailers and lobby spots
  • Trailer commentaries
  • Image galleries
  • Limited Edition box set exclusive booklets with new essays, archival materials and film credits
  • UK Blu-ray premieres
  • Limited to 6,000 numbered copies

So there you have it. If ever there was a product that was every William Castle fan’s dream, this is definitely it. Well done, Indicator, for your utterly brilliant production of these great quality movies and all those juicy special features, all in one gorgeous box set that you will, I guarantee, keep coming back to again and again.

Stay tuned for my review of the William Castle Box Set Volume Two, which will be coming up very soon.

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Alan Toner