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Worcestershire The Haunted County

Worcestershire The Haunted County is Anne Bradford’s eighth collection of true ghost stories and strange occurrences from all over the county, told by all those people who experienced them.

Worcestershire has the dark reputation for being the location of the brutal massacres of the Battle of Worcester in 1651. Paranormal experts have always put forward the theory that violent events can be impregnated into the environment and sometimes sensitive individuals are able to pick up on this.

In this book you’ll find over 100 records of the many ghosts and hauntings in a county that suffered more than any other the misery and violence of the Civil War. Stories include the helpful entity at Worcester Cathedral, the ghosts of Grafton Manor in Bomsgrove, and the glowing hands of Kidderminster.

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Anne Bradford has written and published nine collections of true ghost stories in Worcestershire and has co-authored another three for the Midlands with Barrie Roberts. She has also written three local history books and published a fourth.