Right from childhood, I have always enjoyed reading, and having devoured so many great novels and short stories over the years, and as English has always been my best subject, I thought: why not have a go at being a writer myself?

As it turned out, I’m very glad I did, for after just a few rejections (certainly lucky there, as many writers get hundreds of knockbacks before they achieve publication!), I managed to get my first short story published in a small press horror magazine! Naturally, this first success in my literary aims really encouraged me to keep on bashing out some more short stories.

The success with the small press magazine was exciting in itself, but I was even more thrilled when, just a few years after achieving that, I got another of my short stories accepted for a book length collection called SHORTS FROM MERSEYSIDE! There followed a sequel book, SHORTS FROM MERSEYSIDE II, which again featured one of my short stories.

My most recent sale was to the online magazine Pages of Stories, which featured my tale of a ghostly hitchhiker called Resurrection Rosie. I would highly recommend Pages of Stories to anybody who loves reading and writing short stories.

In addition to selling my work to publishers, I have now moved into the self publishing business, and have started to enjoy some success with the launch of my Kindle books on Amazon. The books I have published so far on Amazon Kindle and Createspace can be found HERE