Halloween Horrors

Halloween Horrors

Halloween Horrors

Halloween Horrors is a new collection of short stories by horror writer Alan Toner, with a Halloween flavour.

In The Halloween Mask, two boys get more than they bargained for when they dress up for some trick or treating.

In Late Return, a librarian chases after some overdue library books . . . only to encounter something very strange at the borrower’s house.

In Did You Hear That, a TV ghost hunting team investigate a reportedly haunted mansion for a Halloween night broadcast.

In Last Bus, a young girl travelling home from a night out encounters something very creepy on board a bus.

In Duck Apple, two boys find an old barrel in the woods, and are joined in their apple bobbing game by a mysterious young girl.

If you love a good, creepy tale with a Halloween flavour, then you are sure to enjoy this book.