Hammer Horror Trivia

Hammer Horror Trivia
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Hammer Horror Trivia is the sequel to my first Hammer book, Hammer Horror Remembered

This second title in the Hammer series is an absolute mine of information for all Hammer horror fans. Want to know how many Dracula films Christopher Lee made? You’ll find that answer here. Are you interested in any specific facts about the whole history of the Hammer Studios, then just flick through the pages of this book to locate what you’re looking for.

Hammer Horror Trivia is not just a guide to all aspects of the studio, but it also provides many funny and interesting snippets of information regarding iconic stars such as Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, the production of the movies, on set incidents, and so on.

Hammer Horror Trivia can also come in very handy as a quiz book on Hammer horror.

The sort of book you can just dip into at random, Hammer Horror Trivia is the perfect follow-up to Hammer Horror Remembered. All Hammer fans will love it.

You can buy Hammer Horror Trivia now by clicking on the book’s image above this article.

Alan Toner