Horror Stories 2

Horror Stories 2

Horror Stories 2 is the latest volume of short fiction by paranormal author Alan Toner. Another twelve terrifying tales guaranteed to give you many a sleepless night.

Among the tales included in this special werewolf edition (there are four stories relating to lycanthropes) are:

DANCE OF THE WEREWOLF – Two unattached women attend a singles dance at a country manor . . . little knowing that a werewolf stalks the area.

THE HALLOWEEN MASK – A bit of Halloween trick-or-treating becomes a night of untold horror.

DID YOU HEAR THAT? – A paranormal TV show team investigate a supposedly haunted house, but get more than they bargained for.

THE CAVE – A day trip to the seaside is heaven for a young holidaymaker . . . until it becomes a living hell once he enters the cave.

If you love reading horror collections like The Pan Book of Horror Stories and The Year’s Best New Horror, then you are sure to enjoy reading this spine-chilling collection.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: I should point out that a couple of the stories in this volume, the Halloween ones, were first published in my mini Kindle book HALLOWEEN HORRORS. Also, the four werewolf stories were formerly published in the now discontinued WEREWOLF QUARTET.)