Psycho 60th Anniversary

Psycho 60th Anniversary Edition

Psycho 60th Anniversary Edition has recently been released on Blu Ray by Universal Pictures.

One of the most terrifying and shocking movies of all time, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho changed the thriller genre forever, and it goes without saying that the movie has spawned countless slasher flicks. The infamous shower scene in particular, where Janet Leigh met such a shockingly early demise at the hands of Norman’s “Mother” alter ego, has been replicated and referenced in many a horror film.

Following its release in 1960, the film was censored for decades, but now this new Blu Ray release restores the movie as it was originally meant to be seen: totally uncut.

Based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Robert Bloch, with a screenplay by Joseph Stefano, Psycho is still frightening audiences out of their wits even after all these years. An absolute classic of a psychological chiller by the Master of Suspense: Alfred Hitchcock.

Although the 1960 classic went on to spawn three sequels, a remake, and even a TV series, it is still the first movie in the franchise that remains most vividly in the memory, given its sheer iconic status in the history of horror cinema, as it introduced the world to the psychotic killer Norman Bates and his secluded old Bates Motel. The movie really is a major work of cinematic art. It also set the groundbreaking trend of taking horror away from the dusty old castles and haunted graveyards of old and bringing it into modern day America, thus making the malevolence and credibility of characters like Norman Bates all too real.

This uncut version of Psycho runs to about 13 seconds longer. It was originally cut for TV release, a fact that everybody seemed oblivious to, until this original uncut edition turned up on German television.


PSYCHO UNCUT: The extended version of the movie as seen in theaters in 1960 is exactly as intended by Alfred Hitchcock and now available with additional footage for the first time ever
PSYCHO: The most widely seen version of the movie was edited for content and subsequently used for TV broadcasts, theatrical re-releases and home entertainment over the last 60 years


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You can buy this new uncut edition of Psycho by clicking on the image link above this article.

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