Corona Book of Horror

The Corona Book of Horror Stories

I want to tell you all about a fantastic new series of horror short story books which, if you are as much a fan of the old Pan and Fontana books of Horror as I am, I think you will be sure to love. These books come under the banner of The Corona Book of Horror Stories, and believe me, they are absolutely fantastic.

Edited by Lewis Williams, The Corona Book of Horror Stories offers horror fans a brilliant, diverse range of creepy tales from some of the most talented writers of fright fiction out there. So whether you like blood and gore, vampires and werewolves, or prefer a more subtle kind of horror tale, these books will certainly cater for your every need. All the stories are immensely chilling and entertaining, and the editor has done a superb job here in his selections from what was, apparently, a grand total of 824 submissions!

Another aspect I love about the books is that, aside from all the stories, they also contain potted biographies of each contributor, along with details of their websites and Twitter accounts. A wonderful source of information here if you want to know more about a specific author, become a fan of theirs etc etc.

An ideal read for Halloween, The Corona Book of Horror Stories welcomingly fills a big gap in the genre left by such classic volumes as The Pan Book of Horror Stories and The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories. I hope to see more volumes of this new awesome horror series released in the future.

You can buy the first volume of The Corona Book of Horror Stories by clicking on the book’s image link above this article.

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